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All I want for Christmas Giveaway - Day 5

I have two gifts today to giveaway!
Here's the first for those lucky enough to own a Kindle:
Free on Kindle - December 16th - Jane Austen's Birthday!
This offer is only open for one day so to claim your free copy make sure you download it on the 16th

My second gift is a choice of any one of my books!
i.e Choose one copy of either Searching for Captain Wentworth, Mr Darcy's Secret, Willoughby's Return, Lydia Bennet's Story or Effusions of Fancy!

Let me know your preference in the comment box with a contact email. As before, the winners will be announced on Monday 17th December. Thank you for joining me this week with all your lovely comments!


Gabriella said…
Wonderful news about Searching for Captain Wentworth!

And wonderful selection. Your books are all lovely, but I would prefer Effusions of Fancy, the only one I lack! :)

gabriella @diariodipensieripersi. com
Monica said…
I would really love to read Searching for Captain Wentworth!
I am still a reader of printed books.

moon.card (at) yahoo (dot) com
Jane Odiwe said…
Gabriella and Monica - thank you! Your names are in the hat.
Heather M. said…
I've added "download Odiwe Wentworth kindle" to Sunday's calendar. Thanks so much!

I'd like to read a print copy of Mr. Darcy's Secret.

Thank you for your generosity this holiday season.

Deb said…
Hello Jane - just to tell you that I LOVED "Searching for Captain Wentworth"! - wonderful story.

(I have not read and do not have Mr. Darcy's Secret - would love that to add to my Odiwe collection!)

Happy Holidays to you Jane!
Serena said…
I would love a print copy of Mr. Darcy's Secret or Effusions of Fancy...Those are the one's I don't have.

thanks for a great week of giveaways.

savvyverseandwit at gmail
Giada M. said…
I don't have a Kindle so I choose Searching for Captain Wentworth. :) Thank you, Jane! :D

Giada M.

fabgiada (at) gmail (dot) com
Jane Odiwe said…
Heather, Deb, Serena, Giada-hello once more! Thank you for your comments-your names are in the hat.
Kate Maxwell said…
Please put my name in the hat for Mr. Darcy's Secret! I LOVED Willoughby's Return! Thank you for such wonderful stories!

Have a beautiful weekend!

oreannie at yahoo dot com
Janet T said…
Now I can't wait until the 16th. Thank you for such a great gift! My choice of books would be 'Mr. Darcy's Secret' since it is already on my TBR list and my Amazon Wish List!
Have a fantastic day! How is the weather in Bath today?
Lúthien84 said…
I believe you don't have to own a Kindle to be able to download a free copy as Amazon provide a software to read Kindle in PC, smartphone, iPad, iPhone, etc. Although saying this, I will not be able to download a Kindle copy as it is not available for Asia region where I live. :(

So I'm hoping to get Searching for Captain Wentworth, one of the only book I don't currently own. Thank you very much for your generous contribution, Jane.

Lauren Gilbert said…
What a difficult decision! Willoughby's Return sounds intriguing. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway, Jane!
cmgren said…
Would love Mr Darcy's Secret. Thank you for having this contest.
peanutbuttercup said…
"Mr. Darcy's Secret" is on my wish list at right now. Would love to have it!

Pam Hunter

Thank you for adding me to the list!
Jane Odiwe said…
Kate, Janet, Evangeline, Lauren cmgren, Pam - I've added your names to the hat-thank you for so many supportive comments!

Janet, it's been raining in Bath like there's no tomorrow! Such squalls! I'm hoping it's stopped now-I don't mind a little but there was a deluge!
I LOVED Lydia Bennets story. Cant wait to read Searching for Captain Wentworth. Would like to win Willoughby's Return.
araminta18 said…
Ooh, effusions of fancy!!!

araminta18 at gmail dot com
MonicaP said…
Thank you for the free download in honor of Miss Jane's birthday! I think I would choose Willoughby's Return, as I haven't read that one yet. Thanks Jane!

monicaperry00 at gmail dot com
I look forward to downloading your wonderful book. What a lovely holiday gift and very generous of you.
Amy B. said…
Either the Effusions of Fancy or Searching for Captain Wentworth would be lovely. I have Capt. Wentworth on my Kindle and loved it, but I would like very much to have a printed copy.
cyn209 said…
i would love to win a copy of Searching for Captain Wentworth!!!!
thank you for the giveaway!!!

cyn209 at juno dot com
Erika Messer said…
I would love to have Mr. Darcy's Secret in book form :) I haven't read it, and thank you for the wonderful giveaways!

abbyswarriormom (at) aol (dot) com

Thank you again! Merry Christmas!
Jane Odiwe said…
Erika, Cyn209, Amy, Nancy, Monica, Araminta, The Nail Suite, thank you for your kind comments- I've added your names to the hat!
Kelli H. said…
I just LOVE Searching for Captain Wentworth and it will be so nice to now have a copy on my Kindle! I have all of your lovely books except Effusions of Fancy. I would LOVE to win a copy. You know what a big fan I am of your beautiful illustrations!!=)
Anonymous said…
I would love mr Darcys secret , kindle or paper...
mo-skog at online dot no
charlene said…
Is it too late? I would love to be entered to win "Effusions of Fancy". I loved the 3 books I've already read! Totally loved Lydia Bennet's story. Keep up the great stories and your art is amazing and I'm jelious!
ColleenL said…
Making mental note to go to Amazon and download tomorrow.

To choose one of the books is hard, I'd have to go first with Effusions of Fancy then Mr. Darcy's Secret.

Thanks again for another great giveaway opportunity.
Anonymous said…
I've read Lydia Bennet's Story and loved it, so any of your other books would be wonderful I'm sure. If I had to make a choice I think I'd go with Mr Darcy's Secret.
Anonymous said…
I am so going to dowload Searching for Captain Wentworth, as Persuasion is one of my very favorites of Jane Austen, and, if I were to win, I would love have Mr. Darcy's Secret. Thank you very much. Teresa
redrose15 said…
I would love to read either Mr. Darcy's Secret or Lydia Bennet's Story. Both seem absolutely interesting!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Jane Odiwe said…
Kelli, redrose15, Teresa, Lynn, Colleen, Charlene, Monica, - thank you for joining in the fun-I've added your names to the hat!
maria said…
Thank you Jane for this opportunity! I choose "Lydia Bennet's story"

Diana said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Diana said…
I would love Mr Darcy's Secret, thank you once again!!!

artgiote at gmail dot com
JuneA** said…
Luthien is right, you can download a free Kindle app for your computer--I do half of my reading that way!!

Thanks so much for the heads up on SfCW, Jane. I am looking forward to reading it!!

lucaseth said…
I hav e read and loved all your works...but I do not have Willoughbys Return...thanks for the chance to win

shelly said…
I wish I had a Kindle. But I will tell my friends that it is free on amazon today. It's so hard to pick but I'd choose Searching for Captain Wentworth or Willoughby's Return. Thanks for the chance!
donnyandshelly at yahoo dot com
Jane Odiwe said…
Shelly-you can download it onto your computer! Thank you for entering-I've added your name to the hat.
aurora said…
Good evening, Jane. Thank you for this lovely giveaway. I would like Lydia Bennet's Story.
My e-mail is zora.brozina@gmaildotcom
Danielle said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Danielle said…
I really enjoyed Mr Darcy's Secret. Can't wait to read the others. Thanks for the giveaway!

Jane Odiwe said…
Aurora and Danielle, thank you! Your names have been added to the hat!
Poof...books! said…
Thx for the post, so interesting to see your passage. Love the blogabration for Jane, very nice. MR DARCY'S SECRET is my pick should I be fortunate enough to be picked.
Patricia finnegan said…
If I win it would be searching for captain wentworth or willoughby return
Lisa S said…
Would love to have Mr Darcy's Secret. Happy holidays Jane and thank you for the lovely giveaways.

slapshinyhappy at yahoo dot com
Happy Birthday dear Jane. Thanks for the lovely excerpt from Persuasion Jane. Wonderful choice. I am thrilled to download a free copy of Searching For Captain Wentworth on my Kindle for PC.

Thanks for the great giveaways too! Wow!
Jane Odiwe said…
Thank you everyone! I've added your names to the hat!
Susan Heim said…
I'd love to win "Mr. Darcy's Secret," but they all sound great!
Susan Heim
smhparent [at] hotmail [dot] com
Mostly Lisa said…
What a lovely giveaway! Wish I had a Kindle so I could download "Searching for Captain Wentworth."

I would love to win "Mr. Darcy's Secret" though. :D

Lisa L.
Patricia said…
Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! My email address is pato3_89(at)hotmail(dot)com
I'd love to win Willoughby's Return!