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New Year Honours!!!

What a lovely way to start the New Year - I've been honoured! Well, I may not be in the Queen's list, but Searching for Captain Wentworth is on Meredith Esparza's honours list.
I love this award which is for Favourite Austen-inspired original novel! Thank you so much Meredith, I can't tell you what it means to me - I'm absolutely thrilled.

I'm on Austen Authors today with a little poem for the New Year! Inspired by Pride and Prejudice, Lizzy looks forward to a new year - with little idea of her fate. Please join me and all my fellow authors!


Kelli H. said…
Congratulations, Jane! You definitely deserve the award. Searching for Captian Wentworth was one of my favorite books of 2012. It was just wonderful!!=)
Jane Odiwe said…
Thank you, Kelli-you're so kind to say so-it means so much to me to know you enjoyed my book!