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Jane Austen at her desk

Jane Austen's wonderful writing has inspired me to write and paint; and as a consequence I have 'met' many people from all over the world. The internet is a wonderful thing! I do hope you will have a look and add your views too!

I hope you like this painting of a young Jane sitting at her desk. I imagine that she is writing 'First Impressions' in this painting, the first draft of the book that became such a favourite of us all - Pride and Prejudice. Sitting at a desk in the blue dressing room at Steventon she gazes out upon a wintry landscape; soft feathers of snow are falling from a charcoal sky. Perhaps Cassandra will come in to demand to hear the next instalment or if little neice Anna is playing she will hear the merry peals of laughter from the sisters as Jane reads out her favourite passages. Jane looks lost in thought. Does she dream of Mr Darcy?