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Searching for Captain Wentworth - My New Book

Sydney Gardens Here's an extract from my new book which will be published in September - Searching For Captain Wentworth. Inspired by Jane Austen's Persuasion I've had a lot of fun writing this time travel book. It's a little different to my usual sequels, and is set both in the present and the past. Two of my favourite places in the whole world provide the setting - Bath and Lyme - I hope you enjoy this little taster! On the day that the parcel arrived I didn’t really take much notice at first. “Now, that’s what I call an interesting object,” my father said, putting the brown paper package before me on the kitchen table with a flourish. “It offers all sorts of possibilities from the exotic to the mundane.” “Knowing my luck it’s more likely to be the latter,” I muttered under my breath, spearing the top of a boiled egg with my spoon to watch the golden yolk trickle in a glutinous trail down over the striped eggcup until it congealed in a poo

Pictures of Lyme, and a new book!

My little trip to Lyme in February seems so long ago now, and I'm always dreaming about the next time I might be able to go. As I've managed to break my hip - not by jumping off the Cobb, I hasten to add - I can't see I shall be able to go for a little while, though my darling sister has suggested pushing me in a wheelchair along the Cobb wall! I thought I'd go through the photos I took in February just to remind myself of Lyme's special beauty, and hopefully, by the time I'm walking again, not only will I be able to go up on the Cobb again, but be enjoying finer weather! Lyme Regis I love the subdued tones of these pictures - Lyme has been a real inspiration for my writing, and I'm excited to announce that my next book will be out by September! It's the first in a series - Time Travels with Jane Austen, and it's entitled, Searching for Captain Wentworth. When aspiring writer, Sophie Elliot, receives the keys to the family townhouse in