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Searching for Captain Wentworth - Chapter Fifteen

Searching for Captain Wentworth A Timeslip Novel inspired by Persuasion Capter Fifteen
Charles came to claim his dance. I needn’t have worried about notknowing what to do, though I began to think that hours spentwatching Colin Firth dancing Mr Beveridge’s Maggot were notgoing to do me a lot of good. This dance was really energetic, morelike the country dances I’d learned at school. Fortunately, only onecouple started at a time, which gave me a chance to watch whatthey were doing. William Glanville and Emma led the dancing andas I tried to memorize the steps and figures, Charles demanded myattention. ‘Do you enjoy dancing, Miss Elliot? I must admit, it is myparticular delight and the activity I miss most when I am away atsea. Indeed, whenever and wherever we disembark I will alwayshead to the nearest assembly as soon as I can. No matter how tiredafter a voyage, a night of dancing always increases my spirits. Mysister Jane always laughs at me about it, but to tell you the truth, sheis just …

Searching for Captain Wentworth - Chapter Fourteen

Searching for Captain Wentworth A Timeslip novel inspired by Persuasion Chapter Fourteen

It was something of a magnificent spectacle to see all of Bathdecked out in their finery at the Upper Rooms. The place was full,every passage and staircase bursting with giggling debutantes, dourmatrons, and gambling card-players, waving to other revellers inrecognition as they tripped along in the tide, washing them throughthe doors of the ballroom, the tea and card-rooms. Our party headed for the Octagon Room. Whilst Mr Elliot and Emma jostled for thebest view by the fire, simultaneously grabbing the finest place fromwhich to be admired, I glanced round to take it all in, committingto memory the beauty of the women dressed in bright silks andwhite muslin, the splendour of the men in dark evening dress. Thelooking glasses over each mantelpiece captured a cluster offractured images displaying a handsome head, the eager glances ofa young girl, or the silk-shod foot of a nimble dancer in each paneof sc…