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Mr Darcy's Secret - a new novel!

I am very excited to tell you that I can now show you the cover for my new novel, Mr Darcy's Secret. I am absolutely thrilled with it, I think it's the best yet, and I hope you like it too! I love the very curvy Lizzy on the cover, set against a backdrop that could either be Derbyshire or the Lakes where most of the action takes place. Look at those gloves! York tan if I'm not mistaken, and what a gorgeous contrast they make to the beautiful, sheer muslin gown she is wearing. The whole picture is lit by the shaft of light slipping under the curtain highlighting Lizzy's skin and that enigmatic smile. Well, I'm really chuffed, as they say where I come from. Sourcebooks do the most wonderful covers in the world!

Did Jane Austen ever visit Tenby?

I've just come back from visiting family in Pembrokeshire, Wales. I always love a trip to Tenby where there is a gem of a bookshop at the bottom of a medieval passage. The Tudor Merchant's house is well worth a visit too - you have to pass it down the steps to get to the bookshop, and there's also a very good pub that does lovely food. The bookshop is filled from floor to ceiling with tottering piles of books, some on shelves, others piled up on the floor so there's just about room to stand and circumnavigate. It's like an Aladdin's cave because you never know what treasure you might find. The books are all rather precariously placed - I don't think I've ever been without knocking half a dozen or more off their wobbly pile, but this is what makes it such fun. This time I found a wonderful book on Thomas Wentworth - (yes, of course there is a Jane Austen connection with the Leigh family), a Georgette Heyer hardback, and some Daphne du Maurier short storie