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Inspired by Jane Austen's Persuasion - Chapter Four!

Inspired by Jane Austen's Persuasion, Searching for Captain Wentworth is set in Bath and Lyme Continuing my audio excerpts of my new book which has been inspired by Jane Austen's novel Persuasion. Here's Chapter Four of Searching for Captain Wentworth - I hope you enjoy it! If you'd like to listen to the first three chapters, please click here ! I've had a lovely review from Laura Gerold this week for Searching for Captain Wentworth. Is there a literary hero that shines brighter than Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice? To me, the answer is yes – Captain Wentworth is to me the sexiest Austen hero and among my favorite literary romantic leads. Besides the fact that Captain Wentworth is a navy man that has made his fame and fortune at sea, he is also a man with strong feelings and passion. Who can forget his letter to Anne Elliot at the end of Persuasion where he admits to never forgetting her and harboring a love for her for eight years after her reject

Alexa Adams celebrates Hallowe'en with a new Tale!

Emma and Elton by Alexa Adams Alexa Adams has a new Jane Austen inspired tale on her blog which she is posting in eight parts. Here's  Part One  - do follow the links for the parts already posted. Her lovely story concludes on the 31st, -  Alexa will then  offer it for a free Kindle download! I'm enjoying it very much - such a wonderful treat to be able to get it on Kindle too!  Second Glances I know Alexa is preparing the sequel to her novel, First Impressions, which will be available soon! Isn't that a gorgeous cover?!

Chapter Three - Audio Excerpt of Searching for Captain Wentworth

The Heron who posed so obligingly! A view of Sydney Place from Sydney Gardens Yesterday I was in Sydney Gardens and thought you might like to see the scenery that I describe in Searching for Captain Wentworth. It's particularly relevant to the chapter that I've posted below. I hope you enjoy both the words and pictures! I was amazed by this heron who stopped by the edge of the canal to pose for me! I often see seagulls but I've never seen a heron here before and he was so tame A Temple in Sydney Gardens, Bath Audio Excerpt of Searching for Captain Wentworth Chapter Three ©Jane Odiwe A Detail from a stone bridge in Sydney Gardens, Bath Autumnal colour in Sydney Gardens, Bath If you've missed Chapter One and Two CLICK HERE

A Review from Lori Hedgpeth - Psychotic State Blog!

This review is from Lori Hedgpeth of Psychotic State Blog - I'm thrilled that Searching for Captain Wentworth could turn out to be Lori's favourite book of mine! I must admit, I have a very soft spot for it too. The City of Bath    My Thoughts on Searching for Captain Wentworth Jane Odiwe has been a favorite Jane Austen-inspired author of mine for some time and she earns a special distinction due to her Lydia Bennet’s Story being the first Austen sequel/prequel that I read and starting me down the road of various Austen variations.   I loved Lydia Bennet’s Story , as well as her other sequels/reimaginings Mr. Darcy’s Secret and Willoughy’s Return in which she vividly brought beloved Jane’s original characters back to life.   Searching for Captain Wentworth is different from Ms. Odiwe’s previous work because while it does center on one of beloved Jane’s work (this time, Persuasion), it’s a modern take with time travel back to the Regency period of Jane Austen.   A

A Review for Layered Pages Blogspot

I'm so thrilled to have received another wonderful review for my new novel - thank you Lois and Stephanie Moore of Layered Pages Blog ! Searching For Caption Wentworth by Jane Odiwe I’ve just finished a really good book that I was asked to review:  Searching For Captain Wentworth  by Jane Odiwe. I have to say, I felt very lucky to have been given the opportunity to read the book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The baseline of the story revolves around a young woman named Sophie Elliot who is adrift in life and in her career and hoping to restart her writing career by staying in Bath, England in the townhome owned by her family. She is fascinated with  Jane Austen  and when she learns that the townhome is next door do the one that the Austen's lived in when they were staying in Bath, her decision is finalized. What follows is an interesting journey backwards and forwards through time as Sophie mysteriously passes back into time in the body of her cousin w

Diary of an Eccentric - A Review from Anna Horner for Searching for Captain Wentworth!

It is almost impossible to describe the feeling of elation I get when a book gets a lovely review and I am so thrilled with this one from Anna Horner of Diary of an Eccentric Blog Persuasion ‘I think every woman has that within her which would set her free, if only she could act on her inner feelings and be true to herself.’ (from Searching for Captain Wentworth , page 272) Have you ever wished you could meet a long-dead favorite author and maybe even see firsthand the people and events that inspired your favorite novel?  In Searching for Captain Wentworth , Jane Odiwe’s heroine, Sophie Elliot, gets the opportunity to meet and even befriend Jane Austen through her ancestor, Sophia. Needing time away to mend her broken heart and determined to begin the novel she’s always wanted to write, Sophie heads to her great-aunt’s house in Bath, which has been in the family for generations.  When she observes her dashing and mysterious downstairs neighbor, Josh, drop an old gl

Listen to Chapter Two of Searching for Captain Wentworth and a Competition Winner!

As promised, here's Chapter Two of Searching for Captain Wentworth! I hope you enjoy it. Our heroine Sophie has arrived in Bath but her Great Aunt Elizabeth's flat is not quite what she's been expecting and as she's about to discover all is not as it first seems... I am also thrilled to announce the winner of the signed copy of Searching for Captain Wentworth! Congratulations Miss Lucinda Fountain - look out for an email from me in your inbox - I hope you enjoy the book!

A Wonderful Review from the Jane Austen Centre

I'm absolutely thrilled with this wonderful review from Laura Boyle in the Jane Austen Centre Online Magazine:- Searching for Captain Wentworth: A Review Posted by  LAURA BOYLE  |  Published:  OCTOBER 11, 2012 TRANSLATE  For those who love, time does not exist Searching for Captain Wentworth  is unlike any Jane Austen inspired novel I’ve ever read. I suspect it’s unlike any Jane Austen novel ever written! Part love story, part time travel fantasy, part Austen biography, it’s all about the author’s (Jane Odiwe) love for Jane Austen and the city of Bath, her ‘Fairyland’ city. Reading it (in 24 hours! I couldn’t put it down!) was like taking a walk with friends through old, familiar places. Jane’s use of Bath (both in the present and during the Regency) and Lyme, coupled with her deft weaving of historical fact and Austen lore, Austen novels (especially Northanger   Abbey ,  Sense   and   Sensibility  and Persuasion ) and films made for a book that felt

Indie Publishing, and a Giveaway Competition!

I'm on Victoria Connelly's website today talking about the joys of Indie publishing and all about my new book, Searching for Captain Wentworth!  I hope you'll pop over there to see what I've got to say about self-publishing as well as fantastic authors like Talli Roland, Linda Gillard and Victoria Connelly herself. Victoria has a new novella out for Christmas, Christmas with Mr Darcy! Competition! This week I'm giving away another paperback copy of Searching for Captain Wentworth .  This competition is International and open to anyone who leaves a comment below in answer to the following question.  Listen to the audio excerpt below of Chapter One from Searching for Captain Wentworth:  Who writes a letter to Sophie inviting her to stay in the family house in Bath?  Good Luck! The winner will be announced next Monday on October 15 2012 . I'm publishing some audio chapters through Soundcloud this week which I hope you will enjoy. H