Searching for Captain Wentworth - Chapter Ten

Searching for Captain Wentworth A Timeslip novel inspired by Persuasion Chapter Ten
Dear Sophie, I’ve been going through the catalogue of exhibits thisafternoon. I’ve just popped over on my break because there’s apainting here I’d like you to see that I think might interest you. Ifinish work about five, so if you’d like to come over to the museumthen, I can show you. I hope you didn’t think I was too intrusive today – I apologize,I’m just a very nosy person. Anyway, if you’d like to, I’d love to see you. Just ask for me atthe desk and someone will show you the way. Josh. Oh dear, he’d obviously mistaken my earlier vacant musingsfor wounded sensibility. He’d been direct, but I hadn’t thought hewas being overly inquisitive, just very interested and I’d reallyenjoyed the fact that he’d wanted to talk. I wondered what thepainting could be that he wanted to show me. I felt very curiousdespite the pangs of gnawing hunger, so I grabbed a biscuit beforedeciding to postpone eating until I returned. Th…
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