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Searching for Captain Wentworth - Chapter Thirteen

Searching for Captain Wentworth A Timeslip novel inspired by Persuasion Chapter Thirteen
Time seemed to pass slowly before the ball. Over the next few daysit was impossible to get out. I was thwarted at every attempt toescape; I saw nothing of the Miss Austens and could only hope thatMr Elliot hadn’t upset them too much. On Saturday morning Emmaspent the entire time trying on dresses asking my opinion aboutwhich gown she should wear for the ball and how to dress her hair.It was impossible to concentrate on anything. As far as I wasconcerned, there was only one thing to think about. I had an ideathat if I could get to the gate in Sydney Gardens, I might be able toget back to my own time. It was the only hope I had. Afternuncheon, I chose my moment carefully, when Mr Elliot’s snoresresounded loudly from his favourite chair and when I knew thatEmma and Mrs Randall were closeted away upstairs discussinggloves and fans. I slipped away out of the house and across theroad. It didn’t take long t…
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Searching for Captain Wentworth - Chapter Twelve

Searching for Captain Wentworth A Timeslip Novel inspired by Persuasion Chapter Twelve
My first night in Regency Bath was very strange. Wandering aboutthe house felt both extraordinary and familiar, but I couldn’t helphoping that when I went to bed I might wake in the morning to findit had all been a weird nightmare. Jane’s brother had Josh’s gloveand I couldn’t think how I was going to get it back or how I mightreturn to my own time without it. I didn’t sleep very well and as Itossed and turned in the early hours of the morning, it seemed to methat I was not really alone. Lying in the dark under stiff cottonsheets, I felt sure I heard snatches of conversation in that veryroom. As in a dream, I thought I could hear the sound of stifledgiggling along with whispered, confidential chatter. ‘Dolly, have you got any money left? I’ve seen a lovely hat inJolly’s and I only need another three shillings.’ ‘Only another three shillings! Lizzy Elliot, you’ll be the finishof me. We won’t be able to …