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Fan Phenomena Jane Austen - edited by Gabrielle Malcolm

I'm thrilled to tell you about this new book edited by Gabrielle Malcolm. I was interviewed for a small section in the book on my sequels and on writing Jane Austen inspired fiction so it's very exciting to see my words in print. I'm so looking forward to reading more-there are many contributions from writers and fans from the world of Jane Austen fan culture!   Here's the blurb from  Amazon - This Fan Phenomena volume will emphasize fan culture surrounding the novels AND the adaptations of Jane Austen. The afterlife of the books themselves has witnessed an explosion of interest in Austen's universe and the Jane Austen Centre in Bath offers an important resource for gauging relative popularity. The volume will focus on aspects of tourism, fandom, viewers, and readership. Articles will cover TV and film adaptations, feminism and Austen fandom, literary and TV spin-offs and sequels among others.  Gabriella Macolm is Visiting Research fellow at the Department of