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Jane Austen Centre Readathon!

The Jane Austen Centre in Bath celebrated the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen's wonderful novel, Pride and Prejudice, with a reading of the whole book performed during a whole day. I was invited to join in and enjoyed it enormously. I think I read four chapters in the end - below are links to my readings and the day itself. I hope you enjoy it! Part One Part Two Part Three

A Giveaway and a Review!

Over on the League of British Actors Blogspot they are having a fantastic giveaway of books - all in the name of Valentine's Day! Searching for Captain Wentworth is included and all you have to do is leave your email to be entered for the chance to win a prize. The Giveaway runs until February 20th so you've still got time to get involved. I've had a lovely review this week and am thrilled to share it here. I'm always nervous when someone declares that Persuasion is their favourite novel before they review but happily, Elaine Simpson-Long of Random Jottings Blog enjoyed Searching for Captain Wentworth! Now I know that everyone loves Mr Darcy, or rather Colin Firth in THAT shirt, but my most favourite hero in Jane Austen is Captain Wentworth. I just love him, he is steadfast and true and strikes me as the kind of bloke who could get a taxi in the rain, find a perfect table at a restaurant, never forget your birthday and be able to give you a foot rub, as well a

Attempting Elizabeth - Jessica Grey

I am thrilled to welcome Jessica Grey to my blog today-she has a new book out called, "Attempting Elizabeth". It sounds fascinating and I asked her if she would tell us all about it! Pride and Prejudice through the looking glass...or how a writer creates problems for herself. Attempting Elizabeth started with a basic idea - what if an Austen fan found that she could jump into characters in Pride and Prejudice?  Kelsey, the heroine, is living every Austen fan’s dream as she get to experience what it’s like to be in her favorite story.  Writing Kelsey’s quest to finally “become” Elizabeth Bennet was loads of fun, but the book couldn’t be only about jumping in and out of Pride and Prejudice. We have to care just as much about Kelsey’s real life as we do her novel-jumping abilities.  And so the romance between Kelsey and Australian Mark Barnes was born. I wanted their romance to mirror the story of Pride and Prejudice.  However, as my character is such an Au