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Book Launch - Mr Darcy's Christmas Calendar!

I'm over at Austen Variations today to launch my new book, Mr Darcy's Christmas Calendar! I hope you'll join me - there are links to chapters one , two and three , plus prizes to be won - paperbacks, e-books, Advent calendars and more, to get you in the festive spirit. I've loved writing this book and hope you enjoy it - I'd love to know what you think. There's a chapter for each day including Christmas Day - it's a bit of a fairytale with all our favourite characters from Pride and Prejudice. Lizzy Benson visits Jane Austen’s house in Chawton, and buys a special advent calendar in the gift shop, but strange things start to happen when she opens up the first door and finds herself back in time with all the beloved characters from her favourite book, Pride and Prejudice. As she finds herself increasingly drawn into an alternate reality, Lizzy discovers not only is Mr Darcy missing from the plot, but also that Jane Austen has never heard