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Jane Odiwe Celebrating 200 Years of Pride and Prejudice on BBC Breakfast

This is the interview I had with David Sillito, the Arts Correspondent from the BBC. It was aired on the 200th Anniversary of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I only wish that all my author friends here and overseas could have shared it with me. That would have been a fantastic party!

200 Years of Pride and Prejudice!

Elizabeth and Darcy - Jane Odiwe  We are celebrating 200 years of the publication of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"! I can imagine how excited Jane must have been when she finally received her copies of her "own darling child" as she referred to it in a letter to her sister Cassandra in January 1813. Her book, which has become one of the most popular novels of all time, had taken 17 years to achieve publication. "First Impressions", as it was initially entitled, was started some time in 1796 when Jane would have been coming up to her 21st birthday. Jane had recently fallen in love with a young Irishman, Tom Lefroy, a nephew of a neighbouring friend in the village of Ashe. Unlike Elizabeth Bennet who took her time to fall in love with Mr Darcy, it seems that Jane and her new friend behaved outrageously, flirting and dancing together in a way that caused a certain amount of gossip. Tom was packed off home before any more damage could be done

What a lovely week I'm having!

I am having a very exciting week! Jane Austen, inspired by Cassandra's portrait by Jane Odiwe Yesterday, David Sillito, the charming BBC Arts Correspondent interviewed me for a short piece about Jane Austen and my books - if I don't end up on the cutting room floor you might see a little of me on Monday morning on BBC Breakfast Television . Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is 200 years old on Monday and there is a special tribute to her being put together - one of many, I believe, over the coming months. Having 'tasted' the delights of filming on Masterchef  which was aired last year, (sorry about the pun) yesterday's interview was not quite as scary as I thought it would be - David and the cameraman were absolutely lovely and put me at my ease. The horror was having to run round before they arrived trying to tidy up my very untidy house for my guests. I always forget what a pleasure it is to see a neat house until I'm forced into action - well, now I

Happily Ever After!

Happily Ever After is Susannah Fullerton's new book which celebrates Pride and Prejudice. It is a beautiful book and one I am enjoying enormously. I am very pleased and proud because one of my illustrations features in it on page 126 in a section about Mr Wickham! Lydia, Wickham and Kitty This is the illustration - as you can see, Lydia, Wickham and Kitty are stepping out in Meryton. No doubt they are shopping and will be perusing all the latest ribbons and muslins to be had along the way. I was very surprised to see mentions of my two Pride and Prejudice sequels, Mr Darcy's Secret and Lydia Bennet's Story also included in Susannah's book - you can imagine, I was thrilled! Here's a little blurb about the book: In 2013 Jane Austen's  Pride and Prejudice  turns 200. Again and again in polls conducted around the world, it is regularly chosen as the favourite novel of all time. Read and studied from Cheltenham to China, there are Jane Austen Societies

New Reviews!

I've just found a couple of lovely reviews for Searching for Captain Wentworth. It always gladdens an author's heart to find her books are read and enjoyed! From Leatherbound Reviews , Jakki Leatherberry writes: It is often expressed that Jane Austen was quite the observer of human nature and folly, and her characters are portrayals of people she has met or observed. What if her fodder for  Persuasion  came from her neighbors while living in Bath as well as her own relationships? It is not uncommon for authors to leave parts of themselves in their novels. In  Searching for Captain Wentworth , Jane Odiwe give readers a glimpse into Austen’s life that makes one wonder if these similarities are snapshots of the real Jane. Were Anne Elliot’s despondent feelings regarding leaving Kellynch Hall a sketch of Austen’s feeling upon having to give up Steventon? Was Captain Wentworth inspired by Jane’s love that got away? Embark on a journey highlighting a uniquely told love story

A New Year Poem to celebrate Pride and Prejudice!

Pride and Prejudice was first published 200 years ago on January 28th 1813. I wondered what Lizzy might be thinking as she started a new year - and so I wrote a little poem! I hope you enjoy it. Garlands of ferns mist the frosted pane, As Lizzy peers out to see the icy lane, Drifts of snow swathe the fields in white, A New Year’s early start by candlelight. Lizzy hears the laughter as Jane slumbers on, Kitty and Lydia are up, eager to be gone. Off to join the revellers sledging in the snow, Whilst Mary shuns the cold, refusing to go. Jane is going to London for a holiday treat, To aunt and uncle Gardiner in Gracechurch Street. Lizzy hopes Mr Bingley will call on Jane there, Together she thinks they make a perfect pair. Not so much perfection as an arrangement of a kind, Lizzy trusts her friend Charlotte may soon find The happiness she hopes for in heavenly wedded bliss, And the will to pucker up for Mr Collins’ kiss! But, what will the year b

New Year Honours!!!

What a lovely way to start the New Year - I've been honoured! Well, I may not be in the Queen's list, but Searching for Captain Wentworth is on Meredith Esparza's honours list . I love this award which is for Favourite Austen-inspired original novel! Thank you so much Meredith, I can't tell you what it means to me - I'm absolutely thrilled. I'm on Austen Authors today with a little poem for the New Year! Inspired by Pride and Prejudice, Lizzy looks forward to a new year - with little idea of her fate. Please join me and all my fellow authors!

Happy New Year!

Pulteney Bridge, Bath Happy New Year - Thank you all so much for making my 2012 so memorable with all your wonderful support for my books, your kind emails and letters. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you all a very prosperous and happy time throughout 2013!