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My Writing Life

I'm very excited at the moment because my second novel, another Jane Austen sequel is almost finished. I think I've got about another week's work to do on it and it will be completed. I normally work quite slowly, spending a lot of time thinking as much as writing, but when I get to this stage I am like a person possessed. I don't want to leave my computer and I can't type quickly enough to get everything down. I also don't blog as much, you might have noticed. All the threads of the plot are coming together, all problems are starting to be resolved, with the exception of one or two plot twists. I'm sure every writer must feel like this - I can't wait to get to the end but at the same time I do not want to leave the characters I have come to love behind!
I shall put it away when it is finished for a week or two before editing it and worrying over it. Will anyone enjoy reading my book?Will people think I have been faithful to the characters - the agony goes on!
I'll be writing a little more about its subject matter soon.


Inspire said…
I recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading it. I understand what you mean about leaving your characters behind. Even though you've typed 'The End', they will forever be a part of you.

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Jane Odiwe said…
Thank you - I'm so glad you have enjoyed my blog. And yes, I think they are always a part of you. Even though I have Jane Austen to thank for my characters I'd like to think that she would understand why I've wanted to further explore their stories.