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Bath at Christmas

I thought I'd share a few photos of Bath at Christmas starting off with Laura Place and Pulteney Bridge. As you can see it was a very rainy day, which immediately brings to mind one of my favourite couples, Captain Frederick Wentworth and Anne Elliot, from Jane Austen's Persuasion -

It was beginning to rain again, and altogether there was a delay, and a bustle, and a talking, which must make all the little crowd in the shop understand that Lady Dalrymple was calling to convey Miss Elliot. At last Miss Elliot and her friend, unattended but by the servant, (for there was no cousin returned), were walking off; and Captain Wentworth, watching them, turned again to Anne, and by manner, rather than words, was offering his services to her.

"I am much obliged to you," was her answer, "but I am not going with them. The carriage would not accommodate so many. I walk: I prefer walking."

"But it rains."

"Oh! very little. Nothing that I regard."

After a moment's pause, he said: "Though I came only yesterday, I have equipped myself properly for Bath already, you see" (pointing to a new umbrella); "I wish you would make use of it, if you are determined to walk; though I think it would be more prudent to let me get you a chair."

She was very much obliged to him, but declined it all, repeating her conviction, that the rain would come to nothing at present, and adding, "I am only waiting for Mr. Elliot. He will be here in a moment, I am sure."

She had hardly spoken the words when Mr. Elliot walked in. Captain Wentworth recollected him perfectly. There was no difference between him and the man who had stood on the steps at Lyme, admiring Anne as she passed, except in the air and look and manner of the privileged relation and friend. He came in with eagerness, appeared to see and think only of her, apologised for his stay, was grieved to have kept her waiting, and anxious to get her away without further loss of time, and before the rain increased; and in another moment they walked off together, her arm under his, a gentle and embarrassed glance, and a "Good morning to you!" being all that she had time for, as she passed away.

I bought my umbrella in Bath, and very pleased with it, I am too! It was a very cold, wet evening, but fortunately that meant we were able to take lots of photos without there being too many people about. I'll post more over the next few days - I hope you enjoy them.

Laura Place (bottom left photo) was where Lady Dalrymple and her daughter, Miss Carteret, took a house for three months in Persuasion. Sir Walter Elliot was keen to renew the connection to these illustrious relatives. He and his daughter Elizabeth were very taken with their cousins on re-acquaintance, but Anne could see that her father's interest was purely to satisfy his own vanity, boasting of the family connections to anyone who would listen.

They visited in Laura Place, they had the cards of Dowager-Viscountess Dalrymple, and the Honourable Miss Carteret, to be arranged wherever they might be most visible; and "Our cousins in Laura Place" - "Our cousins, Lady Dalrymple and Miss Carteret," were talked of to every body.


Laura Hartness said…
Those pictures just make me feel cold looking at them! And you are so cute in your little hat. Hope you're having fun, post more later!

Laura Hartness
The Calico Critic
Jane Odiwe said…
Thank you Laura -it was cold, but it's even colder today. Have woken to find four inches of snow and a snowman outside my front door, which, I think my children are responsible for - there were notes left on the stairs -'look outside' - and - 'Pierre says hello' on the front door when I came down this morning. I have a feeling he must have been made very late last night when I'd gone to bed - he's very funny, and it did make me chuckle!

BTW, I Love that hat!
Alexa Adams said…
Thank you for sharing your pictures Jane. It is a longtime goal of mine to visit Bath - how I envy your proximity to all the wonderful places Austen writes about! I appreciate the opportunity for a little bit of vicarious living.
Jane Odiwe said…
Alexa, you would love Bath - so much looks as it did in Jan Austen's day. The architecture is stunning, the shops are great too, and you can walk in Jane's footsteps through places like the Pump Rooms and the Gravel Walk.
etirv said…
Happy New Year, Jane! My best friend lives in Salisbury, near Bath but while they've come to Hawaii a couple of times, we have never visited them there. I really enjoyed the photos, thanks!
Jane Odiwe said…
Happy New Year! You must come to England - if you love Jane Austen you'll really appreciate Bath and its vicinity!