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Persuasion, a film location, and a reading

Last Thursday evening I was invited along by Helen Wilkinson of P and P tours to come and do a reading of Willoughby's Return to a group she was leading on their Persuasion/Sense and Sensibility tour. Most exciting was the fact that the house I was to be giving my talk in was the very one they used in the BBC 1995 version of Persuasion which is a favourite film of mine. The house is stunningly beautiful and is also a B&B so you can actually stay in the house where Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds played Captain Wentworth and Anne Elliot. Here is a link to a website about the house:Bathwick Gardens
I was invited to supper beforehand which was taken in the dining room. Apparently, the BBC painted the walls especially for the film - the swags of fabric you can see in the photo are painted - a wonderful trompe l'oeil. Everyone had dressed for dinner and all looked so gorgeous - quite a few ladies, and two very brave gentlemen! I also met Hazel Jones, the author of Jane Austen and Marriage - click here for her website which has information on Jane Austen courses that she runs.
We made our way upstairs to the splendid drawing room afterwards passing a large window on the stairs which I recognised (and its view) from the film. The drawing room is beautiful with so many lovely features from the floor length windows to the fireplace. I was made very welcome by everyone and had a really lovely time even though I felt very nervous. I enjoy reading aloud very much and always used to love reading to my children and to the pupils I used to teach. I realised how much I miss it - now my children are grown up and I no longer teach - I really would like to do readings more often.
After a mug of hot chocolate I left them all watching Persuasion in the very room where Captain Wentworth tells Sir Walter that he wishes to marry Anne. I only wished I could be joining them on their further travels!
Thank you so much Helen, I do hope you'll ask me again!


Blarney Girl said…
How fun for you!! And how fun for them to have a wonderful reading after dinner.
Lori Hedgpeth said…
What a wonderful arena to read Willoughby's Return in! The pictures are beautiful so I can only imagine how stunning it must have been in person. Lucky Jane!
Hope you are having a gorgeous spring!
Jane Odiwe said…
Hi Blarney Girl, Lori,
It was tremendous fun once I'd got over my nerves and the setting was stunning. The proportions of the rooms are wonderful - gorgeous high ceilings and those long windows.
Apparently, they filmed Mrs Smith's room in one of the upstairs bedrooms too, although I didn't get to see that one.

Spring is beautiful here at the moment - lovely, warm sunny weather with everything blooming!
Vic said…
I would like to reveal that I am a little jealous! How wonderful for you!
Jane Odiwe said…
It was a gorgeous treat, but I'm sorry to make you feel jealous!
Vic said…
Yes, I have always been a little envious of your proximity to Bath and all those gorgeous locations. I just love seeing your photos and reading about your adventures.
Sue Wilkes said…
OMG Jane what a lucky girl you are! It sounds like an absolutely fabulous day!
Jane Odiwe said…
Thank you Vic, I am having lots of adventures!
Sue, I am a very lucky girl - and I did have a fabulous day. Such lovely people and such a gorgeous house!