Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Denzel Washington, Bob Marley, and Mrs Jennings

An unlikely trio, I hear you say, but here they all are in my post today. I found these pictures of my cats, Denzel and Marley, who love to listen to me talking about Jane Austen - yes, really. I'm not certain if Jane Austen liked cats, I suspect if the Austens had a cat, its use was probably functional. On a working farm a cat would be very useful for keeping numbers of rats and mice down.

I could only find one reference to cats in the novels in Sense and Sensibility and though Mrs Jennings voices her opinion, I can't help wondering if Jane shared her point of view. "Ah! Colonel, I do not know what you and I shall do without the Miss Dashwoods;" - was Mrs. Jennings's address to him when he first called on her, after their leaving her was settled - "for they are quite resolved upon going home from the Palmers; - and how forlorn we shall be, when I come back! - Lord! we shall sit and gape at one another as dull as two cats."

A google search led me to this fun website!

I do love my cats. They don't have a favourite book but love to hear Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, and Persuasion, read aloud on a continuous loop!
Dear Friends and Passers-by, I'd love to hear about your pets. Do you love cats or are you partial to some other four-legged, or even two-legged friends?


Vic said...


Cranberry Morning said...

I just recently happened upon your site. How fun! I do have furry friends, both cats and dogs! They're pictured on my site, Cranberry Morning. My dogs Bridger & Misty and my cats Lionel & Tuppence are lurking there on the sidebar. :-) What pretty cats you have!

Blarney Girl said...

I prefer cats and have two named Smokes and Reilly, but I'm not opposed to dogs as long as they aren't too stinky and don't bark at EVERY LITTLE THING! :)

I have several friends of the two legged variety, also! :D

Jane Odiwe said...

Vic, I know you have a dog, how is your pooch?

Hello Cranberry Morning, (what a delicious name!)

You sound as if you have your hands full - do they all get on? We had a dog years ago that lived very well with two other cats we had at the time. He was so funny - he used to catch the bus to the shops, visit the butcher and come back with a bone. Everyone knew him - I think he thought he was human!

Blarney Girl, I love the names of your cats - I wonder if one of your two-legged friends is named Mr Darcy? I was thinking along the lines of ducks and chickens when I mentioned two-legged friends, but your comment made me laugh!
My Mum kept ducks when she was a little girl - though originally kept for their eggs, she made pets of them and used to take them for walks in her dolls pram.

Blarney Girl said...

Jane - I could only wish Mr. Darcy was one of my two-legged friends! Sad reality though...I can't even snag a Mr. Collins!! ROFL

I grew up in the country, but we never had ducks or chickens. One day I plan to own a house in the country and have chickens and goats and who knows what else.

The story of your dog is precious and the one of your Mum taking her ducks for walks in the pram is priceless! :D

Jane Odiwe said...

Blarney Girl, I sincerely hope you find your Mr Darcy soon!
In the meantime here's a cat literally ROFL!