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Latest News on the Rice Portrait

Jane Odiwe viewing the Rice portrait in Paris
There's a new article on the Rice portrait - see the website dedicated to the fascinating story behind this portrait. I was lucky enough to see this portrait for myself in Paris, and I can't wait to tell you about the exciting new evidence that has emerged in recent weeks. As it states in the article, new evidence, which has just come to light, will unambiguously give grounds for a reappraisal of the Ozias Humphry attribution, the date of the portrait and the identity of the sitter. 'Not previously scrutinised, the Emery Walker plates have produced significant corroboration of the view that we have propounded for a number of years. This new information will shortly be announced in the media, but we can now say that it is significant enough to bind together all the separate strands of evidence that make up our case.'
The 1910 photograph of the Rice portrait of Jane Austen
I shall reveal all as soon as I am given the go-ahead - in the meantime, keep checking the website for more news - see the link in the sidebar.


Monica Fairview said…
This is very exciting, Jane. I can wait to hear the latest!!!
Jane Odiwe said…
I think it's very exciting-hopefully the news will break soon!
I think it would be fascinating if they took the face from this portrait and using computers, "aged" it to see what results. This is often done with photographs--why not with paintings? Thanks for this exciting post, can't wait to hear the news!
Jane Odiwe said…
I agree, Else, that would be fascinating! Thank you for your comment.

Thank you, Adalgisa!