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Indie Publishing, and a Giveaway Competition!

I'm on Victoria Connelly's website today talking about the joys of Indie publishing and all about my new book, Searching for Captain Wentworth!

 I hope you'll pop over there to see what I've got to say about self-publishing as well as fantastic authors like Talli Roland, Linda Gillard and Victoria Connelly herself. Victoria has a new novella out for Christmas, Christmas with Mr Darcy!

Competition! This week I'm giving away another paperback copy of Searching for Captain Wentworth

This competition is International and open to anyone who leaves a comment below in answer to the following question. 
Listen to the audio excerpt below of Chapter One from Searching for Captain Wentworth: 
Who writes a letter to Sophie inviting her to stay in the family house in Bath? 
Good Luck! The winner will be announced next Monday on October 15 2012.

I'm publishing some audio chapters through Soundcloud this week which I hope you will enjoy. Here's Chapter One:

 Searching for Captain Wentworth by Jane Odiwe Chapter One by Jane Odiwe

Sydney Place, Bath - Jane Austen's House


kaewink said…
Great Aunt Elizabeth sounds like an aunt to have. :)
And I really like you reading voice! I listened to you reading a few weeks ago already when I first came across your book.
I love Persuasion and definitly will read your book. It sounds like a wonderful combinations of two worlds and like a fun and interesting read.

Greetings from Austria

kewinkler at gmail dot com
Jane Odiwe said…
kaewink-have just realised there's a bit of a flaw with my asking people to leave the answer here! Never mind, I hope everyone will leave a comment anyway! Thank you for yours and for stopping by from Austria!
traveler said…
Great Aunt Elizabeth wrote the letter and extended the invitation. What a lovely letter with a great giveaway. Many thanks. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com
Jane Odiwe said…
Thank you, traveler, for your comment-lovely to see you here!
Krista Raven said…
I love your reading voice as well, I forgot how much I miss Jane Austen language, the wonderful words that I never say, tea cloth calling people Love! Beautiful Aunt Elizabeth gave the invite. Thanks for sharing

Krista US
Linda/Teg said…
Hahaha! Well I listened to your file without reading the comments first. :D

You do have a delightfully animated reading style. I'm sure Great Aunt Elizabeth would have been impressed and invited you, too. ;)


tegeirian @ hotmail dot com
petite said…
An invitation by Great Aunt Elizabeth which arrived at an opportune moment. A surprise. This was a great post today. Thanks for this chance. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com
Lúthien84 said…
Great-aunt Elizabeth is the author of the letter to Sophie. Your voice is beautiful, Jane and thank you for hosting this giveaway.

Felso said…
Th letter and parcel is from great aunt Elizabeth! I can't wait to find out what's next!

You have a very lovely reading voice!

Jane Odiwe said…
Krista, Linda, petite, Luthien84 and Felso - flattery will get you everywhere! Thank you for being so lovely about the excerpt - I do love reading aloud and will be continuing the audio for a few chapters more!
Kelli H. said…
Oh how wonderful it would be if I could listen to you read the whole story in your lovely voice!:)Sophie received the letter from her Great Aunt Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing chapter one and for the giveaway!!
Jane Odiwe said…
Kelli, I can't promise all though it might be something I could look into. I have a son who knows all about recording, I shall have words with him...perhaps I can get him to compose some accompanying music too!
I would like to thank you for a fantastic book giveaway, that i would love to have the oportunity of reading (and reviewing). I am a huge Jane Austen fan of both her books and the various film adaptations over the years: her work is timeless! Thank you x

Answer: Sophie received the letter from her Great Aunt Elizabeth.

Email: lfountain1(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

Thank you, so excited! It is going on my to-read list. x
Jane Odiwe said…
Thank you so much for your kind words, Miss Lucinda Fountain - I shall add your name to Captain Wentworth's hat!
Mary Preston said…
ANSWER: Great Aunt Elizabeth.

I would love a copy of SEARCHING FOR CAPTAIN WENTWORTH thank you.

Jane Odiwe said…
Mary, thanks so much for stopping by to leave a comment!
I've added all names to the hat!
Monica said…
Well, Great Aunt Elizabeth has written the letter to Sophie;-)
Looking forward to read your book!

Jane Odiwe said…
Thank you, Monica for the kind words-I've added your name!
Danielle said…
The letter was written by Great Aunt Elizabeth.

I really enjoyed the audio of Chapter 1. Please let us know when you post more.

Was that you reading? Great job!

Danielle C
Jane Odiwe said…
Thank you, Danielle,
Yes, that's me reading-so pleased you're enjoying it and I'll be sure to let you know when the next chapter is posted!
luv your narration, Jane :)
lovely to actually hear your voice [+ accent :))] makes me lonesome... not quite sobbing into my breakfast, but still, lonesome..;)

Who writes a letter to Sophie inviting her to stay in the family house in Bath?
Great Aunt Elizabeth

faithhopecherrytea at[gmail.]com

TY for this perfect offer ~ would luv to find this one in the post!:)
Jane Odiwe said…
Thank you, Faith Hope Cherrytea-I'm so pleased you liked the reading-I've added your name to the hat!
emmav6 said…
The letter was written by Great Aunt Elizabeth.
Jane Odiwe said…
Emma, thank you for your comment-I shall add your name to the hat!
BeckyC said…
I want an invitation from Great Aunt Elizabeth! I enjoyed chapter one. Look forward to more! Thank you for the giveaway!
cherringtonmb at sbcglobal dot net
Patricia F. said…
the person who writes to sophie is her great aunt elizabeth
Jane Odiwe said…
Patricia, thank you so much for stopping by to join in!
suzan said…
Jane that was truly amazing! I've always loved your writing style. I can just picture everything happening in my mind it's so clear and concise. I listened to your audiothing and it just put me over the top. As everyone put it was great aunt Elizabeth. I think the emotions your portray are so accurate. Not wanting to open the package, not wanting her father to respond, then the big warm hug. Just great. I loved the emotions fractured like the broken egg shell on her plate. Something to really think about a bit. Her comparison to Anne Elliot was stunning. Persuasion is my favorite. I want to be kind too but say what I think. I just wish I had your mind. Then the bridge and people bumping into her. I could listen to you for hours. I'd love this book as well. Obviously...
schafsue at gmail dot com
Great Aunt Elizabeth wrote the letter to Sophie. Thank you very much for posting the audio excerpt, I really did enjoy listening. Looking forward to reading more of Searching for Captain Wentworth.

Jane Odiwe said…
Becky C, Suzan and Malvina-thank you so much for all your lovely comments. Thank you for stopping to enter the competition!
RedRose15 said…
Great Aunt Elizabeth wrote the letter to extend the invitation. What a beautiful letter. I also enjoyed the audio reading :)

Thanks so much for the giveaway!

sarahlouisa said…
Her Great Aunt Elizabeth wrote the letter! Really enjoyed listening to chapter one!

Aussie stitcher said…
Great website, thanks for keeping us informed about Captain Wentworth!!

Julie in Australia
Jane Odiwe said…
Redrose15, sarahlouisa and aussie stitcher-thank you for your lovely comments. Your names have been added to the hat!