Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Project Darcy Blog Tour and Vintage Bags!

I hope you're enjoying my blog tour as much as I am! Today, I'm a guest on Indie Jane, talking about grandfather clocks, time, and Project Darcy - I hope you'll join me.

Tomorrow, you'll find me at More Agreeably Engaged with Janet Taylor!

STOP PRESS! I've just received a review from Kath Eastman - here it is in full at her blog - Nut Press - here's a little of her review below - she's made my day!

I pretty much read Project Darcy in one sitting. Even though I knew at least how Jane Austen's own story would end, I loved spending time with Jane Odiwe's imagining of her again in that period, as well as being anxious to see where the modern-day characters would be at the end of the book - and who with! This was a highly enjoyable read for me because it had a bit of everything: sumptuous period detail - I can imagine that Jane Odiwe had fun imagining the interiors of Ashe, both in Jane Austen's time and in its more contemporary setting; seeing who the candidates for Jane Austen's characters were from her own circle of acquaintances and their modern-day counterparts; a good sprinkling of romance and pairings, including a glimpse into one of Jane Austen's own rumoured romances and the delicious puzzle of piecing all the connections together made Project Darcy for this reader.

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Today's treat inspired a little scene in Project Darcy - Ellie has a vintage bag similar to the one below - I'd imagined Ellie's bag, but this one is similar in style, only with flowers and a short strap!

Ellie is getting ready for a party whilst she is staying near Steventon, at Ashe Rectory -

Half an hour later, Ellie was feeling refreshed for having had a scented soak in the bath. She’d washed her hair and was now standing in front of the wardrobe hanging her clothes, and trying to decide what she was going to wear for the party. It was still warm and light so she selected some cropped jeans and a short-sleeved cotton top, with a scoop neck and embroidered pin tucked front. The detail made it a little bit more special than the every day and to set it off, she picked a chunky necklace from her jewellery roll with turquoise stones and silver beads threaded on a long leather cord. Choosing a warm scarf in coral, scattered over with hummingbirds and edged in silk fringe in case it got cooler later on, Ellie then added a pair of canvas trainers to complete her outfit.
Jess knocked on the door. ‘I’ll just round up everyone else so I’ll see you downstairs in a minute!’
Ellie shouted back that she’d join them in a second and looked around for her bag. It was her favourite, an antique bag that had belonged to her great-grandmother. Made of black silk moiré, it was embellished with a bluebird and had a long silk strap. She’d left it on the chest of drawers in front of the window next to a blue and white jug and bowl. Dashing to fetch it, she was stopped in her tracks by the sense of something or someone moving outside in the garden below. 

If you'd like to own the little bag, please leave a comment below!


Rebecca (RivkaBelle) said...

Okay, that's just adorable! Why aren't more current designers using the old, time-proven standards of elegance? hehe ... Seriously though, that's a precious bag!

bleachhouselibrary said...

That is such a fab vintage bag - would look great with a LBD and classic black heels ;)

Cassandra Grafton said...

Lovely review, Jane. I thinks it's such a wonderful idea to link giveaways to particular scenes in your book.

The bag is very pretty!

Jane Odiwe said...

Rebecca, I'm so glad you like it!

Bleachhouselibrary, - my thoughts exactly! It's just asking to be taken on a night out.

Cassandra - I'm thrilled with the review-so good to be understood! Isn't it a pretty bag!

I've added your names to the hat, ladies!

Heather Stratford said...

Very cute!

Jo's Daughter said...

Wow, the vintage floral bag is absolutely stunning!!! If only my great grandmother had one of those & passed it down to me.... She could sadly only dream of pretty things in terms of material, but was a wonderful lady
I'm told :) If great-grandmama was anything like her daughter, my beloved grandmother I would have got on with her splendidly. For gran was my best friend & shared my love of tea parties, books, dressing up and wearing pearls :D

Jane Odiwe said...

Heather-your name's in the hat!

Thank you, Jo's Daughter-glad you like it-I love a tea party too! I've added your name.

Thank you, ladies, for visiting-lovely to 'meet' you!

Patricia Finnegan said...

The design on the bag is gorgeous!

summerrivers said...

The bag is beautiful. I wish they still made things like this

Jane Odiwe said...

Patricia- so pleased you like it-thanks for stopping by!

Summerrivers-I quite agree, some of these old pieces are wonderful! Thank you for dropping by.

Janet T said...

I'm intrigued by the excerpt and look forward to reading the book soon. Great review of it!

The little bag is beautiful.

Jane Odiwe said...

Thank you, Janet - I was very pleased with that review! I'm so glad you like the bag!

Lilyane Soltz said...

It's charming and perfect for a little black dress (or a not so little black anything) - I love it!

Ada said...

I'm loving absolutely everything about the bad & the sneer peek to the book was rather intriguing :D

Jane Odiwe said...

Lilyane, I'm glad you like it-I love a vintage bag!

I'm so glad you managed to post in the end, Adalgisa! I'll add your name to the hat! Thank you for visiting!

Lee Bowles said...

Beautiful bag. I think it would look beautiful with anything. I'm missing Project Darcy.... I haven't read anything since :(

Jane Odiwe said...

I'm glad you like it, Lee! Oh, thank you-you're so lovely to say that about my book!

Kelli H. said...

What a beautiful bag! And a great review!!:)

Jane Odiwe said...

Kelli, thank you-I'm glad you like the bag, and the review! Thanks so much for visiting me here-it's lovely to 'see' you!

Kirsten said...

A fabulous handbag is a ladies best companion. I have spend many days with mine. We experienced some wonderful things together. Also a few that did not make my happy-list...

Such is life & she was there with me always. I could squeeze her tight, her comforting "grasp" on my gloved fingers. A handkerchief at the ready, should I need it.

On the one occasion she even, dare I say it out loud, slapped an impertinent young man around the ears. Oh what a thrill that was!!

Sadly we no longer travel together to assemblies or take tea in fashionable drawing rooms.

Yes, I have lost her to old age & with her gone I feel in-complete as a woman. Attempted to find another companion, but struggle to get one who feels comfortably a part of me.

Noticing this Vintage beauty I must confess, not being able to get the idea out of my head/heart: that we would get along splendidly.

Please enter me in this amazing giveaway, I would proudly take her in. Thanks for a chance to win Jane!

luvina02 said...

Beautiful bag!

Jane Odiwe said...

Kirsten, I loved your handbag reflections! Thank you for joining in!

Luvina02 - Thank you!

Laurel Ann (Austenprose) said...

Jane you give away the most amazing stuff. This handbag is to die for. Hope I win!

Auntie Nettie said...

Beautiful bag. Xx

Jane Odiwe said...

Laurel Ann, I'm glad you like it-I've added your name to the hat!

Auntie Nettie - thank you- you're in the hat!