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An extract from Project Darcy - Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy

An extract from Project Darcy
When Ellie goes back in time she becomes Jane Austen and experiences all the excitement and emotions of the writer's budding relationship with Tom Lefroy. 
Ellie shivered. She suddenly felt terribly cold. The stone walls of the church seemed to prevent any of the sun’s warmth from penetrating and her thin cardigan felt completely inadequate. Looking up to the window set high above her head, she noticed that grey clouds were passing overhead, the sky a sheet of dark steel. The interior was plunged into darkness for a moment and she knew time was shifting again. She tried calling out to Jess, but her friend seemed oblivious, trapped in another dimension. Reality was blurring, everything around her shimmered and quivered so that she glimpsed images from both the present and the past. Ellie felt she was slipping once more into another world and there was nothing she could do to prevent it. She was drifting outside towards the churchyard, and the real world …