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Catherine Curzon, Life in the Georgian Court - Guest Blog

 I'm thrilled to welcome Catherine Curzon to my blog with news of her new book, Life in the Georgian Court. The book is available in the United States now , as well as in the UK and elsewhere. It's a sumptuous book, and I highly recommend it! I asked Catherine to give us a little taste of what we might find in the pages of her new book. Death of a Devoted Consort Whilst researching Life in the Georgian Court, it swiftly became apparent that there can can be few royal consorts as devoted as Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, wife of George III. From the heady early days of their union in 1761 Charlotte was a loving and faithful spouse and her husband turned his back on the long-established royal tradition of taking mistresses, happy in the company of his quiet, graceful queen. Throughout the years of their marriage, with all the well-documented health problems both   physical and mental that George suffered, Charlotte remained his loving and most protective compani