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'My Idea of Good Company'

I am very lucky to consider amongst my friends two writers who are not only very talented but are achieving the success they deserve. Kathryn L. Nelson has been nominated for an award in the Jane Austen's Regency World Awards for best new fiction for her novel, Pemberley Manor. There are many nominations for all sorts of categories including awards for adaptations. You can vote by clicking here.
Diana Birchall's novel, Mrs Darcy's Dilemma, has been taken up by Sourcebooks for international publication and is now available across the US in Barnes and Noble stores.
Both these writers have written fabulous sequels to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and it's lovely to see their work being deservedly recognised for excellence.
You can order both books online from Sourcebooks Inc. Click here for Pemberley Manor.
Click here for Mrs Darcy's Dilemma


Kathryn L Nelson said…
Good company indeed! Thank you for welcoming me into your gracious world of Jane Austen lovers. And thanks for helping to elevate sequel writers to the lofty heights of respectability.