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Colonel Brandon Quiz!

More fun in celebration of my book Willoughby's Return! To win a copy of Willoughby's Return simply answer the questions about Colonel Brandon, the true hero of Sense and Sensibility. Also, I am thrilled to be a guest on A Bibliophile's Bookshelf today where you can read an interview and an exclusive extract from Willoughy's Return which aims to show the romantic side of Colonel Brandon's nature.

1 Where does Colonel Brandon live?

2 What is the name of Colonel Brandon's ward?

3 Who first decides that the Colonel is in love with Marianne?

4 Which character says the following of Colonel Brandon?

"I have three unanswerable reasons for disliking Colonel Brandon: he has threatened me with rain when I wanted it to be fine; he has found fault with the hanging of my curricle, and I cannot persuade him to buy my brown mare. If it will be any satisfaction to you, however, to be told that I believe his character to be in other respects irreproachable, I am ready to confess it. And in return for an acknowledgment, which must give me some pain, you cannot deny me the privilege of disliking him as much as ever."

5 Who said of Brandon - "But he talked of flannel waistcoats, and with me a flannel waistcoat is invariably connected with the aches, cramps, rheumatisms, and every species of ailment that can afflict the old and the feeble."

6 Of all the screen adaptations who is your favourite Colonel Brandon and why?

Click the link to post your answers to be added to the hat to win a copy of Willoughby's Return. The competition is open worldwide and will close November 14th - winner announced on the 16th.


Laura Hartness said…
1. Colonel Brandon's house is near the parsonage where Elinor and Edward will live.

2. Eliza Williams, daughter of Elizabeth Williams is the Colonel's ward. Willoughby got her pregnant.

3. Mrs. Jennings decides that the Colonel is in love with Marianne.

4. The quote is Willoughby's statement.

5. The quote is Marianne's.

6. Alan Rickman is my favorite Colonel Brandon. He exudes the manner of a man who has been through much in his life and is certainly older than Marianne in both chronological and emotional age. His portrayal of Brandon is so melancholy, I was especially glad when he won Marianne's heart.

Thanks for the chance to enter!

Laura Hartness