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Two Interviews and copies of Willoughy's Return to win!

I did enjoy yesterday's competition answers - thanks so much to everyone who participated and shared their wonderful musical memories! The competitions to win the CD and the painting are still open until November 14th - click on the links in the sidebar.

I'm conscious that a lot of the giveaways on my blog tour are for the US and Canada only - so, I am adding a copy of Willoughby's Return - anyone can enter - leave a comment below in answer to today's question!

Thank you to Barbara and Serena for their interviews - they have giveaways, so click on the links to find out more!
There's an interview with me over on Everything Victorian and More - click here
Savvy, Verse and Wit Click here to read my interview with Serena from Savvy, Verse and Wit.

Three very different but excellent interpretations of Mr Willoughby - The bottom picture shows Peter Woodward in 1981 playing opposite Tracey Childs as Marianne Dashwood, the middle photo is of Greg Wise playing the part of Willoughby to Kate Winslet's Marianne, and finally, the latest production had Dominic Cooper playing the part with Charity Wakefield as Marianne.The question I'm asking today is which couple is your favourite? Whose interpretation did you like best and why?