Friday, September 7, 2012

Publication Day! Searching for Captain Wentworth and another giveaway!

How exciting! It's the official publication day for Searching For Captain Wentworth- and made more exciting by the fact that I've just found out my book is on the Kindle top 100 Amazon Bestsellers list and a hot pick in Time Travel! I'm thrilled - thank you to all my US readers who have downloaded my novel. I hope you enjoy my book.

I've had a couple of lovely reviews-

A Winter's Day in Lyme-sun still shining!

Five stars from Vic Sanborn - I'll admit that I have a fondness for Ms. Odiwe's books. In this new endeavor she has outdone herself. After finishing Searching for Captain Wentworth I felt as if I had taken a trip to Bath and Lyme Regis, met Jane Austen, and been treated to a wonderful romance.

Four stars from Maria Grazia- Gifted writing makes the blend a successful, entertaining whole. You'll find yourself smiling in recognition at this lovely tale with lots of familiar quotes and characters, events from Jane Austen's life and hints to her letters. "Searching for Captain Wentworth" is a new delightful, unmissable read for anybody loving Austen-inspired fiction.

Next week I shall be visiting a few blogs - 

Monday 10th September I'll be visiting Laurel Ann Nattress on Austenprose 
Tuesday 11th September I'll be visiting  Maria Grazia on My Jane Austen Book Club
Wednesday 12th September I'll be visiting Laura Hartness The Calico Critic
Thursday 13th September I'll be visiting Nancy Kelley Nancy Kelley

Hope you can join us! 

Competition Time!

I've another paperback copy to give away. And for this one I'd love to know who was your favourite Captain Wentworth. Both were gorgeous so it's a hard call, but I know which one is my favourite. Please leave your comments below with your contact details- the competition will be open until September 30th! 

Ciaran Hinds Persuasion 1995

Rupert Penry-Jones Persuasion 2007

Thank you to everyone who has been such a support lately - it's meant the world to me!


Kelli H. said...

Congratulations Jane! I am so happy for you! Now to pick my favorite Captain Wentworth...I have to choose Rupert Penry-Jones. He was exactly how I pictured Captain Wentworth when I first read Persuasion. I also thought Ciaran Hinds did an excellent job as well!!=)

Lúthien84 said...

Heartiest congratulations to you, Jane and wish you more success to come.

Rupert Penry-Jones is the man (or more accurately captain) for me but I'm bias because of his handsome looks. I actually read the book a week or so before watching the 2007 version so I picture him in my mind when reading his scenes.

I hope you don't mind me posting information about your blog tour dates and links on my blog. If you do, then let me know.


Susan Schwartz said...

Congrats on your new book, which I am anxious to read.
I loved the Rupert version of Wentworth, as he was the character in my mind's eye!

Jane Odiwe said...

Thank you Kelli-he is very handsome!

Evangeline, thank you so much for posting about my book-I'm thrilled!

Susan, thank you- Rupert's very popular, I see!

Alison said...

How exiting!

I actually love them both, have a real soft spot for Ciaran Hinds, but I have to go for Rupert Penry-Jones as his portrayal is fresher in my mind.

This now means I will have to go and re-watch Ciaran's version - all in the name of research you understand...

Janet T said...

Congratulations on your new book. I look forward to reading it. I visited England this summer but didn't make it to Lyme. I really wanted to go but there was not enough time. Hope to visit again and go there then. I loved England!

Although I loved both actors for the role, I have to pick Rupert Penry-James as my favorite. I liked the 1995 movie the best though.

susied said...

Congratulations on the book!

I'm going to have to go with Ciaran Hinds. I love his small social awkwardness in some of the scenes. He makes the character all the more endearing

Jane Odiwe said...

Alison, I love that kind of research!

Janet, thank you-you must come to England again!

Susie, I'm with you, Ciaran is my favourite-though I hasten to add Rupert is handsome. And I must stress, however much I adore Ciaran Hinds, I shall be totally fair with every entry! The winner's name will be drawn by my blind-folded assistant from my Mr Darcy top hat.

Lynn said...

I am so looking forward to reading your new book. Persuasion is a favourite of mine and Ciaran Hynds my favourite Wentworth. The chemistry between he and Amanda Root, awesome!I'm amazed my DVD hasn't worn out. Congratulations on your latest creation!

Jane Odiwe said...

Thank you, Lynn! I bought another copy because it was definitely showing signs of wear and tear! Such a beautiful film.

Sophia Rose said...

Happy Release Day, Jane!

I enjoyed both versions of the film, but i confess that Ciaran Hinds is my favorite of these two because he is rough and rugged like I picture a Navy Captain would look after that many years at sea.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

MonicaP said...

Happy book-birthday, Jane! I'm glad (but not surprised) it's doing so well already. Though RPJ is incredibly handsome, I pick CH because he's more rugged.

monicaperry00 at gmail dot com

Have a lovely weekend!

janeausteninvermont said...

Congratulations Jane! - so happy to hear of your book's official launch - would love to read it!

Well, I love Rupert Penry-Jones [who cannot], but I did not like that Persuasion - the Ciaran Hinds version was a perfect movie in my mind and he got Wentworth just right - the mix of strength and pathos and pain - he was of course too old, as was Amanda Root, but that didn't matter at all - a lovely movie, one I can rewatch again and again - for a Penry-Jones fix, I will watch Spooks!

Best wishes to you Jane on your latest addition to the Jane Austen world!

Jane Odiwe said...

Oh yes, Sophia, I like tough and rugged too!

Monica, thank you-have a lovely weekend too!

Deb, I never thought of them as being too old before but you're quite right-and he was a perfect Captain Wentworth in my mind. Yes, Rupert is very lovely to look at-I much prefer to see him being contemporary. I felt he looked a bit uncomfortable in his period attire!

Thank you for your lovely wishes!

junewilliams7 said...

Congratulations on the great reviews! You're asking a tough question - they are both great actors and did well in the role, but Ciaran looks older and more war-weary, like someone who has suffered for years at sea while missing his Anne. So I would give Ciaran the edge.

Jane Odiwe said...

June, thank you very much for stopping by to leave a comment-I tend to agree, I must admit!

mariam said...

congratulation for releasing a new book ^__^
Penry-jones is definetly my favourite version of Captain frederick , this is how I picture him while i read the book

BeckyC said...

Jane, Congratulations on your release. I am very excited about a Persuasion twist! Although Rupert is probably my favorite (yummy), Ciaran and the 1995 adaptation have a special place in my heart. Thank you for the giveaway!
cherringtonmb at sbcglobal dot net

Jane Odiwe said...

Hello Mariam and Becky,
Thank you for your lovely wishes! It's interesting to note how these gentlemen have affected our reading of Persuasion!

Monica said...

Rupert Penry-Jones is my Captain Wentworth, but I would also appreciate a new big or little screen adaptation of Persuasion :-)


Jane Odiwe said...

Monica, I quite agree! There's always room for a new adaptation!

Margay said...

Rupert Penry-Jones, hands down. He is absolutely gorgeous - and I don't usually go in for blondes - and the only one I can see as my Captain Wentworth.


Jane Odiwe said...

Margay-I can see why-he is gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by!

Lena said...

Dear Jane, I've read the excerpt of your new Book on Amazon... and I'm completely hooked!!! I can't wait to read it! So thanks for this giveaway... And about that Captain... well... I think I agree with the majority of the previous comments. I think Rupert is the handsomest, but I prefer Ciaran for his interpretation of the Captain, which I find just a little bit more convincing. I would have the same difficulty in telling who was my favorite Anne Elliot... They are both good actresses, but Sally Hawkins touched me the most with her emotional scenes...
nehlee at hotmail com