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Are You Sitting Comfortably? My Blog Tour has Started!

I'm having a lovely and very busy day!

The white gate in Sydney Gardens
Laurel Ann Nattress invited me to guestblog on her wonderful Austenprose blog and I really wanted to do something a little different this time. I discovered Soundcloud the other day and it means you can record excerpts or readings - whole books for that matter - and then share them. The technology is simple - I even managed to record it on my phone - I'm not a great fan of listening to myself, I must admit, but I hope you enjoy my efforts! I've always enjoyed reading aloud. Having a younger sister and brother meant I did a lot of it in my youth and then I had three children who loved listening to endless books and stories. I was always volunteering for reading in Assembly at school - it's something I love doing so I hope you get a chance to listen. I'm reading from my new book, Searching for Captain Wentworth!

The Jane Austen Centre

I've written a new article for the Jane Austen Centre website - Discovering Bath with Jane Odiwe.
This was a challenge because I could write a book about what I love about Bath and couldn't talk about everything but do pop over there and have a look.

I went to the Roman Baths and Pump Rooms today - I hope you enjoy some of my photos!

Please join me tomorrow when I'll be visiting Maria Grazia on her lovely blog My Jane Austen Book Club - hope to see you there!