Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Jane Austen Festival

I'm having a lovely time at the Jane Austen Festival catching up with friends Juliet Archer and Abigail Reynolds and watching all the fun!
Yesterday I went to watch the costumed Promenade which assembled in Queen Square and attended the Festival Fayre - everyone was very gracious about letting me photograph them! I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Tomorrow, as part of my blog tour for Searching For Captain Wentworth I shall be Laura Gerold's guest on Laura's Reviews- I hope you can join me!

Jane Smith Deisgn -

Author, Lauren Nixon

Matthew Anderson Cloth to Costume

Hand Made Period Clothes

Juliet Archer

Abigail Reynolds and Me

Jackie Herring, Festival Director, (right)
with a friend
Tim Bullamore - Jane Austen's Regency World Magazine Dressmaker, costumier, Doll artist


karen Doornebos said...

Fabullous photos, Jane! Thank you for sharing!

Janet T said...

Loved your photos, Jane. I was in England in August for the first time and absolutely loved it. Everyone was so nice. We spent several days in Bath. We stayed in a hotel across the street from the park where some of these photos were taken. It is neat to recognize the places! I wish I was there again. I hope to go back someday. Thanks for the great photos. It was fun to see everyone in Regency dress.

Jane Odiwe said...

Thank you, Karen-glad you liked them! Lovely to 'see' you here!
Janet, I'm so glad you had a lovely time in England. I've stayed in that hotel too-it's great central spot if you're visiting Bath! I hope you come back soon!

Lúthien84 said...

Very beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them, Jane. You didn't dress up in Regency costume?

Jane Odiwe said...

No I didn't dress up-I prefer to look at everyone else!

Lady D said...

Lovely photo's. I went for the first time this year and really enjoyed it.

Jane Odiwe said...

Thank you, Lady D! I'm so pleased you enjoyed them.