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Lydia and Kitty Bennet's favourite things

Lydia Bennet's Online Diary.
At this time of the year I always read Pride and Prejudice and I thought it would be fun to see what Lydia is thinking about all the goings on at Longbourn. Lydia's online diary starts just before Mr Bingley arrives and finishes where my novel, Lydia Bennet's Story, begins.

Friday, October 23rd 1801

Kitty and I made a list of our favourite things today. I wonder, dear reader, if you can guess what came top?

1. OFFICERS in REDCOATS and the flirting which inevitably goes hand in hand, though it has to be said there is a dire shortage of officers in Meryton. I dream of the place being taken over by those gallants in scarlet - will my dreams ever come true?

2. Shopping - all forms except perhaps visiting the fish shop with Mrs Hill, as she is inclined to encourage us on occasion.

3. New gowns - which of course involves shopping for the said muslin. The linendraper in Meryton is a wonderful place with every variety of muslin, silk, satin and lace, but I dream of going to London one day to choose a fine piece.

4. New bonnets - this goes very much with the activity above and we argued about which gave us more pleasure. I love the anticipation of buying a new bonnet - the hours of gazing at it in Brown's window is almost as much fun as buying it, though I don't much enjoy trying to extract the money from my father. Still, I often find, much to my great annoyance, that once I've bought the hat it becomes a very stupid object and I have to start all over again.

5. Hair combs - again, in rather short supply as they are very expensive, but sometimes Aunt Gardiner brings me one from London.

6. New Ribbons for my hair - there is nothing like a new ribbon which still has the special gleam and shine that only a new ribbon can have. Choosing colours is always very hard, especially if we are restricted to just a half dozen each.

7. Dancing and music - I love dancing - I love the music and it has to be said there is something about a musician that I particularly like - especially if he is handsome!

8. New shoes, especially satin slippers for dancing, complete with silk ribbon to secure.

9. Reticules - these don't often come my way, but sometimes Jane passes on one she has finished with, though they are always made with some gown of hers in mind and never match the poor rags I have to wear.

10. Last but by no means least I adore jewellery, fans and accessories of every kind but have so little that it's hardly worth mentioning, though mama has promised me a trinket of some sort at Christmas. I wonder if this shall be something of a piecrust promise, however - easily made and easily broken!