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News of a new blog, Lydia Bennet's Story, and a Jane Austen inspired Exhibition

News of a new blog - Austen Endeavours
- I am enjoying this blog from Aimee Fry and thought you might too! Aimee indulges her love of all things Austen and Regency along with her quest to become a writer!

Thanks to Jenny for a mention of Lydia Bennet's Story from Wondrous Reads which is a really interesting and entertaining teen book blog. There'll be a review from Jenny coming soon!

Finally from ABC news in Australia:

The National Gallery of Victoria is preparing to open an exhibition charting the fashion changes during Jane Austen's lifetime (1775-1817).

Persuasion: Fashion in the Age of Jane Austen features over 70 works and will include fashion, prints and drawings, decorative arts and paintings, with a focus on English women's dress from the early 19th century.

Curator Roger Leong says fashion played an important role in Jane Austen's novels.

"Austen's witty and perceptive comments about fashion mirrored the complex relationships within English society during her lifetime, especially between different classes and men and women," he said in a statement.

"The era witnessed radical changes in the way people dressed.

"The variations of the waistline, upwards from the natural waist and then back again, were a distinctive characteristic of the time, one of the most dynamic periods in fashion."

The exhibition is open at the NGV International from 22 May to 8 November 2009.

You lucky people! I wish I could come and see it - I love a fashion exhibition. If you are in the UK like me you can always visit the Fashion Museum which always has wonderful displays includng a current one on historical dress, or another favourite of mine is the dress collection at the V&A. The illustration is of a little character - Dizzie Lizzie - that I drew for a book made for my children some years ago.