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Willoughby's Return - Reviews!

Thank you to Barbara, Bella, and Mandi, who have taken the time to read and review Willoughby's Return on their blogs. I'm looking forward to their interviews!

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In this new sequel to Sense and Sensibility, Ms. Odiwe has captured Jane Austen's style with ease and eloquence, making this book a rare reading delight.

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I openly admit that I’m a Pride and Prejudice fan. I know Pride and Prejudice inside out, and it is one of my most beloved books in my bookcase. Having said that I do have a soft spot for Jane Austen’s other novels, and in particular to the tale of Sense and Sensibility. Of all of Jane Austen’s heroine’s Elinor Dashwood is right up there alongside Eliza Bennet as one of my favorites.

Imagine my delight when I was asked to review an upcoming sequel to Sense and Sensibility called Willoughby’s Return by the lovely Jane Odiwe. A chance to dive back into the sweet story of Sense and Sensibility, with the impetuous Marianne and the strong, beautiful Elinor. Of course I had to say yes, and thus started a wonderful reading journey back into the world of the Dashwoods.

Willoughby’s Return sets the scene three years after Sense and Sensibility, and sees Marianne and Elinor happily married, with a few bumps in the road occurring when John Willoughby re-enters their lives.

Jane Odiwe writes with such eloquence and style that you can’t be helped for thinking that you are reading a Jane Austen book, but no it is definitely Jane Odiwe’s name on the cover!

In characters, plot and style, Willoughby’s Return is so beautifully written, that there is barely a seam between Sense and Sensibilty and Willoughby’s Return.

Despite the premise on the back-cover, this story centers more around Margaret Dashwood, as Marianne plays matchmaker and tries to set her up with the wealthy Henry Lawrence.

I loved the plot, and the way that Margaret is cast into the spotlight. For me, it kept the storyline fresh and interesting, and between Margaret and Marianne I was glued right through to the last pages.

This is Jane Odiwe’s second book, and it is clear that her skills as a writer are developing and becoming better and better. I thoroughly enjoyed Willoughby’s Return and will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for her next novel.

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Willoughby's Return is a delightful tale that swept me away for the time I was reading. For those who are looking to return to the Austen world with a very sweet story, I definitely recommend this book.