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A love of Costume - paintings from my sketchbook

This is very tenuously linked from my last post, but one of the exhibitions they had on at Chatsworth featured the costumes from 'The Duchess' which starred Keira Knightley and Dominic Cooper who we also know as Mr Willoughby, of course. I think this era and the Regency period have to be my favourite for costume - I'm not sure I would have enjoyed being trussed up in all that stuff on a daily basis, though when I was much younger, I did dress up in similar costumes for Fancy Dress parties. I've always loved dressing up!
The paintings I'm posting today came about after a trip to the Lakes. We visited Beatrix Potter's house at Hill Top and of course, I felt so inspired when I visited her husband's office where so many of her exquisite paintings are kept. Whilst I could never hope to aspire to Mrs Heelis's excellence with a brush, I hope you enjoy them. They are just a few of the paintings I did with a children's book in mind - never finished, but as with so many things, I probably got side-tracked!