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Mr Darcy's Secret on Austen Authors Today!

There's a sneak peek from Mr Darcy's Secret over on Austen Authors today - I hope you can join me!

I'm very excited to think that in less than a month (February 1) Mr Darcy's Secret will be out at last! In celebration I include this short extract. Elizabeth Bennet has married her Mr Darcy at last, and they are travelling to Pemberley in Derbyshire.

~  ~  ~

Elizabeth Darcy looked out of the carriage window, her spirits in high flutter as they crossed the ancient stone bridge on the road into Lambton village. Nestled at the foot of a hill, on the western side of the river, a number of stone cottages, a church, and a few handsome buildings formed the landscape. Her eyes were drawn to the rich and romantic scenery of the place, enhanced in beauty by the noble appearance of wood-clad hills, wreathed in mist on this damp, November morning. She could not help but remember her first journey to Lambton, accompanied by her uncle and aunt Gardiner on their northern tour. How different had her feelings been in August when the trees had been lush with greenery, the sunshine dazzling her eyes and burnishing her skin to tones of golden brown. Elizabeth recalled her feelings of dread at the thought of being in near vicinity to that of Mr Darcy and how she had feared visiting Pemberley, the house that was now to be her home. She laughed out loud.

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