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Mr. Darcy's Secret - and Elizabeth has one too!

The big day is here at last! Mr. Darcy's Secret is out today and here I am proudly clutching my new novel!!!
 There have been a lot of people trying to find out Mr. Darcy's secret without having the bother of reading the book...and by asking extremely impertinent questions which have also included several devious methods on Twitter. But, I have not lips are sealed. I am not telling and the only way to find out Mr. D's very secret, SECRET, is to read to the very last page!
However, for your entertainment and for the chance to win a copy of Mr. Darcy's Secret, we have a 'Guess Elizabeth's Secret' game and competition. Two very amusing tweeting chums and fellow lady writers, Jane Travers and Kathryn Eastman have suggested and devised a competition for your diversion. Their first idea was that everyone should try to guess Mr. D's secret, but then we did think that might spoil the actual reading of the book. So, that was quickly abandoned to be replaced with this next idea that our Lizzy might be hiding something.
Yes, Elizabeth Bennet/Darcy has a secret, but what can it be? This is a chance for you to be creative and funny, there are no right or wrong answers, but please remember that visitors of all ages visit this site, and to keep within the 'Austen spirit'. Imagine Elizabeth has a secret of her own that she has kept from Mr. Darcy, only to be discovered once they are married. The most entertaining secrets will be selected and the winner drawn from a hat. Please leave your secret in the comment box below with a contact email for a chance to win, or you may contact me with your answer if you are shy.
This competition is to win one signed copy of Mr. Darcy's Secret and will be open until Valentine's Day, February 14th. Winner announced on 15th. Look out for another chance to win another copy of my book later this week and for information about my upcoming blog tour.
Mmm...just wondering what William Collins's secret might be...