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The RNA London Chapter Christmas Party!

Here are just a few photos of the lovely authors who gathered to meet for the London Chapter, Romantic  Novelist's Association Christmas Party last Saturday. I wish I could describe for you the amazing atmosphere these occasions merit - take a group of authors who don't see one another very often - and I think you can imagine the cacophony of sound - a mixture of discussion and much laughter. Of course, this sort of affair wouldn't be the same without the added delights of festive food and drink, and the whole so wonderfully orchestrated by Jean Fullerton and Juliet Archer! From seasoned writers to the very newest on the New Writer's Scheme, a brilliant time was had by all!!!
Anita Chapman
Helen Hollick
Alice Peterson, Pia Fenton
Jean Fullerton, Jenny Haddon, Elizabeth Hawksley, Jenny Barden
Juliet Archer
Talli Roland and Monica Fairview

If you are a budding writer of romance and live in the UK, I can't recommend this association enough. The New Writer's Scheme exists to help those who want to improve their writing, or for those seeking publication. Do have a look at the website for more information. I joined a few years ago, and have never looked back since!