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A Giveaway and a Review!

Over on the League of British Actors Blogspot they are having a fantastic giveaway of books - all in the name of Valentine's Day! Searching for Captain Wentworth is included and all you have to do is leave your email to be entered for the chance to win a prize. The Giveaway runs until February 20th so you've still got time to get involved.

I've had a lovely review this week and am thrilled to share it here. I'm always nervous when someone declares that Persuasion is their favourite novel before they review but happily, Elaine Simpson-Long of Random Jottings Blog enjoyed Searching for Captain Wentworth!

Now I know that everyone loves Mr Darcy, or rather Colin Firth in THAT shirt, but my most favourite hero in Jane Austen is Captain Wentworth. I just love him, he is steadfast and true and strikes me as the kind of bloke who could get a taxi in the rain, find a perfect table at a restaurant, never forget your birthday and be able to give you a foot rub, as well as being gorgeous and brilliant at writing stunning love letters.
Sophie Elliot comes to Bath to stay in the family townhouse. She also has an ex-boyfriend who she discovered in bed with another woman, this time one of her best friends.   Yes I know you must be thinking by now that all these women are terrible pickers and yes you would be right, but as one who also had this happen to her, I tell you it comes as a shock that you could be so taken in. After the upset you feel a right idiot I can tell you.
Sophie is trying to write a book but not really getting on with it at all.  She feels there is a presence in the house and catches glimpses of young girls in muslins in the mirror and hears giggles and laughter. The Cwdiscovery of a mysterious glove which, when put on transports her back to the Bath of the time of Jane Austen, results in her meeting both Jane and Cassandra and also their brother, home from the sea on leave, Charles Austen.   She finds herself falling in love with him while back in the modern world, she is immensely attracted to her neighbour Josh, totally gorgeous and sexy.
Sophie's favourite Jane is Persuasion as is mine so I felt sympathetic to her straight away and empathised with her longing to find her Captain Wentworth.   Not giving anything away when I tell you that she does, that the past and present fuse together perfectly and all ends happily ever after.
I really loved this book and I can be a bit sniffy about books using Jane Austen characters and settings, but this is done in great style and is a delightful read.