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The Lovebirds of Longbourn tie the Knot!

Lydia Bennet's Online Diary.
At this time of the year I always read Pride and Prejudice and I thought it would be fun to see what Lydia is thinking about all the goings on at Longbourn. Lydia's online diary starts just before Mr Bingley arrives and finishes where my novel, Lydia Bennet's Story, begins.

Saturday, January 9th, 1802

Charlotte Lucas and Mr Collins were married today - can you believe it?!! Whilst I was confined to my room and left in bed to fend for myself, my family waved them off from the church door on their way to Kent. I am sure no one spared me a thought - yet I am very ill! Ned the stableboy was the only person who could be bothered to visit me. He was so kind and he has such nice eyes.

Lydia Bennet

Illustration: Jane Odiwe