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Hollywood, Lydia Bennet, the West End Stage and Persuasion??!!

I've an interview on Hollywood Today with Gabrielle Pantera, talking about Lydia Bennet's Story. Here's the link if you are curious about how and why I wanted to write Lydia Bennet's story plus the 'researching' into love scenes that a writer is forced to undertake!

I went to see Carousel the musical at the Savoy Theatre last week. It was gorgeous - wonderful songs, fabulous dancing and some brilliant acting. David Collings (Mr Shepherd in Persuasion, 1995) was the Starkeeper and very good he was too, though for me, I thought Lauren Hood as Carrie Pipperidge stole the show. It's her West End debut, I'm sure she'll go far. A lovely evening's entertainment of pure escapism. I came out feeling really uplifted, even though I must admit to shedding a tear or two over the story.