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Lydia feels better and hears some interesting news!

Lydia Bennet's Online Diary.
At this time of the year I always read Pride and Prejudice and I thought it would be fun to see what Lydia is thinking about all the goings on at Longbourn. Lydia's online diary starts just before Mr Bingley arrives and finishes where my novel, Lydia Bennet's Story, begins.

Sunday, January 17th, 1802

I take up my pen again after a week where consciousness and time itself have been unknown to me. Having travelled as far as death’s gaping doors, ('tis quite certain, I assure you,) and after greatly alarming my dear family with my fevers and swellings, aches in the head and growths on my throat, (that the apothecary declared he had never before seen the like) I am at last out of danger. Everyone has been very thoughtful and caring with the exception of Mary, who asserted that it is her belief that mere sore throats would have little chance of taking hold if infected people did not take their pleasure in kissing the inhabitants of Meryton in the misguided belief that they were spreading Christian goodwill. (What can she mean?!)

Lizzy has nursed me and been a true sister. She actually related some of the contents of Mrs Collins’s letter to me, (though I am sure not all) which was a rare treat, and I am astonished to hear that Charlotte is not melancholy in the least and that she is exceedingly pleased with everything. Her new house, furniture and neighbourhood are all to her taste and Lady Catherine is apparently very friendly. She has not been too effusive on the subject of our dear cousin Collins, however, and I must own, I am not in the least surprised.
Elizabeth has heard from Jane too, although she was a little more guarded about her news, I have gained the impression that poor Jane has only seen Miss Bingley very briefly on a morning call and that she has seen nothing at all of her former beau, Mr Bingley. Nothing that astounds me in that little piece of intelligence either!
I took the opportunity of bringing up the subject of Mr Wickham as Lizzy was showing all the good signs of sharing a few confidences but I hasten to add that in this quarter she was not to be drawn and indeed was reluctant to talk about him at all.

Lydia Bennet

Illustrations: Firescreen by Ellen Hill
The Collinses by H M Brock