Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lydia is feeling poorly!

Lydia Bennet's Online Diary.
At this time of the year I always read Pride and Prejudice and I thought it would be fun to see what Lydia is thinking about all the goings on at Longbourn. Lydia's online diary starts just before Mr Bingley arrives and finishes where my novel, Lydia Bennet's Story, begins.

Sunday, January 10th, 1802

Am in a very poorly way, exacerbated by the fact that no one has come near me, except dear mama who put her head round the door this morning and Rebecca who is turning out to be my only comfort and solace, bringing me news from downstairs with bowls of hot broth. She says Miss Elizabeth has received two letters today and when pressed said she overheard that one was from London, which must be from Jane and the other from Kent, which must be from Mrs Collins. How strange that looks - Mrs Collins! Poor Charlotte - to think of her lying abed with William Collins!

Lydia Bennet


Jean said...

What a unique "Lydia" idea, I love all of the imagery. Thanks for the nice words and for sharing all of your blogs!

Laurel Ann said...

Dear Lydia, so sorry to hear that you are under the weather dear. Tea with lemon is helpful for all ailments. I am glad that you are working on your studies in your down time. I am so impressed that exacerbated has entered your vocabulary! Well done!

Cheers, Laurel Ann

Jane Odiwe said...

Thank you Laurel Ann for your sweet and caring missive - nobody knows what I'm suffering. Between you and me I'm not as dim as some people think - (though having said that I've even surprised myself on this occasion) but I'm sure my papa would tell you otherwise. If it wasn't for Rebecca and sweet Neddy, I'm sure I would be at death's door!

Lydia x