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Beatrix Potter and Jane Austen

I've been going through some old photos and came across these taken in the Lake District. I have always been a huge admirer of Beatrix Potter's books ever since my first was given to me at a birthday party. It was the Tale of Tom Kitten and I, like thousands of people before me, soon fell in love with all of Beatrix Potter's stories and wonderful painting. If you ever get a chance to visit her house at Hill Top,near Sawrey, Cumbria, you will not be disappointed. It is possible to see some of the rooms and places that inspired her paintings; in Hawkshead village you can actually see the beautiful, finely detailed watercolours, that were used in her little books. They are housed in what was her husband's solicitor's office, alongside information about Beatrix and information about the National Trust.
As I stated in yesterday's post, Beatrix Potter loved Jane Austen's books, her particular favourite being Persuasion.

The photo at the top is Jeremy Fisher's lake-Esthwaite Water and the bottom photo shows me in Beatix Potter's garden, on the path leading to the house.