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Christmas Day at Longbourn

Friday, December 25th, 1801

Christmas Day

We trudged through the snow to Church, (Captain Carter winked at me across the aisle!) and then home to breakfast on hot rolls and fruit cake, taken with a cup of chocolate, for our delight. We exchanged presents and I have made a list of the wonderful gifts I have received -
Mama - a pair of gold earrings
Papa - a rosewood jewel box
Jane - a swansdown muff
Lizzy - a pair of gloves
Mary - a rosebud brooch
Kitty - a turquoise ring
They are the loveliest presents I have ever had! I just know that this is going to be the best Christmas ever!!!
We dined on turkey, beef and plum pudding at four and were the very picture of a merry Christmas party. Even Mary failed to get on my nerves today, although I daresay the partaking of a little wine helped me to endure her rantings tolerably well.
I have spent most of the day in delicious reverie, recounting to myself the events of last evening. Shivers of ecstasy tremble over me whenever I recall Capt. C’s touch as he took my hand in the dance.
Papa was most rude to suggest that late nights only stupefy the younger members of the family and he is threatening to keep us all from our party at my aunt’s, in favour of an early night. I cannot wait to see my beloved Captain; the hours pass too slowly!

Lydia Bennet