Monday, April 19, 2010

Picture Postcards from Bath

The first postcard shows Bog Island, the site of the Lower Assembly Rooms which were built in 1708. Consisting at first only of a card room and tea rooms, people flocked to the Rooms which were an instant success. Harrison's Rooms became the social hub and a ballroom was added in 1720. A disastrous fire in 1820 closed them for good but by that time they had fallen out of fashion with people preferring the new Upper Rooms.
Then we have two views of the Royal Crescent which took eight years to build. Designed by John Wood the younger, it consists of a grand curve of 30 identical houses almost 50 feet high and over 500 feet in length. If you ever get a chance to visit Bath, you can see inside no. 1 which is a gorgeous example of a Georgian House.
Lastly, we have Sally Lunn's, the oldest house in Bath and home of the Sally Lunn bun. Click here to find out more!


Lori said...

Beautiful pics, Jane. The garden is absolutely stunning!

Alexa Adams said...

How I wish I were there! This post gives not only the usual wanderlust your pictures inspire, but also makes me hungry. What does a Bath Bun taste like?

Jane Odiwe said...

Thank you Lori - that picture of the Royal Crescent is taken from Victoria Park which is lovely.

Well, Alexa, a Bath bun is actually a bit different to a Sally Lunn bun. I like them both but I would say that the Bath bun though sweet with raisins and currants is more bread-like. It's very often glazed on top with a sugar coating.
The Sally Lunn bun is a much bigger affair. It looks like a small loaf but is very light so although you think when it arrives that you might not manage it all, it's surprisingly easy. They are split across the middle and have different toppings. My particular favourite is cinnamon butter. You can buy the buns to take home - they come in a box and make a lovely gift!

Adriana Zardini said...

lovely picutres!