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A Walk up to Beechen Cliff Part One

We've had some gorgeous weather here in England over the last few weeks so it's been lovely to get out and about in the sunshine. I thought I'd post some of the photos we took on a walk, or rather, a climb up to Beechen Cliff.
In Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen has her heroine, Catherine Morland, go to Beechen Cliff with our hero, Mr Tilney and his sister.
The Tilneys called for her at the appointed time; and no new difficulty arising, no sudden recollection, no unexpected summons, no impertinent intrusion to disconcert their measures, my heroine was most unnaturally able to fulfil her engagement, though it was made with the hero himself. They determined on walking round Beechen Cliff, that noble hill whose beautiful verdure and hanging coppice render it so striking an object from almost every opening in Bath.

We took a route from the bottom of Lyncombe Hill and turned onto Calton Gardens to find the steps which take you to the very top of Beechen Cliff. I've just posted the first few pictures as I wanted to show you how the path just gets higher and higher, and there were so many stunning views I haven't room to include them all today. It is one of those walks where we did find it necessary to keep stopping to enjoy the scenery as well as catch our breath. I remember it not being quite so difficult the last time I did it, but still, I got there in the end! Go to the bottom of the post and scroll up as if you are going up the hill! The first two photos show some of the pretty florals to be seen in the gardens of the houses roundabout the bottom of Lyncombe Hill and Calton Gardens. Photos of the steps with views of Bath follow on.