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Kathryn L Nelson, Pemberley Manor

My friend, the author Kathryn L. Nelson dropped by on her travels to see me on her way to Puerto Rico - lucky girl! We had a lovely afternoon discussing all things Jane and much else besides. It really was a flying visit - we were rather hoping the snow might prevent her from getting her plane the next day so that she could stay a little longer. There were delays caused by the weather, but eventually her plane left Heathrow for warmer climes.

Kathy's book, Pemberley Manor, is being reprinted with a beautiful cover by Sourcebooks, and she has a fantastic review over at Reading Romance Books blog.

I love Kathy's writing style and thoroughly enjoyed Pemberley Manor. I know she's writing another book, but sadly it's not (at least for us) another sequel. Maybe she'll get to another one next time, I hope so!