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Simple Pleasures and the Delights of Snow!

We were snowed in yesterday! It's a rare occurrence for London to see such heavy snowfall - there must have been at least six inches, which arrived steadily from Russia the night before last and all day yesterday. We were all marooned at home; so snowballing was the order of the day! Sitting by the fire afterwards, cosy with mugs of hot chocolate I did think how lucky I was to have all my family with me to enjoy such a wintry treat.
In the afternoon with my jeans tucked into my boots, I trudged round to see a friend who had been forced to close her nursery for the day. She, like me, loves to see the snow and we spent a wonderful couple of hours in her sitting room watching the flakes fall from a violet sky, a warming sherry in hand!
Simple pleasures are just the best!

Did someone mention writing and why wasn't I getting on with it? Well, they were all snowed in at Pemberley, too, so I've left them all sitting by the fire!